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NFT Airdrop

How to NFT Airdrop?

MAX: 1st 1000 Participant

1.Open JoJo’s Unofficial SNS Account

Opening of JoJo’s Unofficial SNS Account

Create JoJo’s Unofficial SNS Account on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter.

The More SNS Accounts You Open, the More Reward You Earn.

  • Tik의 톡
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
3. Use the Form Below.

Thanks for submitting!

4. After Verification, You Will Receive Manager-Only NFT Card.

Super Card II

​1. You will receive NFT Token upon verification of registered ID & SNS Account (approximate 72 hour verification period)

- In the event of sale and/or transfer of SNS account, NFT Token represents authority of such sale and/or transfer

2. As soon SuperCard2 is connected to JoJo’s Unofficial Account, You can Conduct Sale and/or Transfer of such Unofficial Account.

Upon Purchase of NFT Card Set, You Shall Receive SuperCard

(You can transfer unofficial account, including to JoJo Project’s Official Team)

2.2 Fee per SNS Posting (fixed)

(Upon reposting of SNS posts from JoJo’s official account, you shall receive governance token)

2.3 Additional Profit from Use of Unofficial SNS Account

(provided that you do not violate terms & conditions, you can use your account for advertisement & sponsorship purposes, and earn profit therefrom.)

2.1 SNS Account Registration

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